Helios Hydro Gym


Don't let lack of equipment hold you back.  Can't find time to get to the gym after work?

Build the body you want, burn fat, improve balance and athletic performance drastically.

This portable gym gives you access to a variable weight of up to 28kg where ever you are in the world.

It's like owning a full set of kettlebells, sandbags, Bulgarian bags, dumbbells and barbells that can all fit in you luggage.

This is the piece of equipment to replace them all.

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Helios Travel Gym

What Our Customers Are Saying

You choose the weight you need.

1 -28kg

This is a dynamic piece of equipment with an unstable center of gravity designed to test every muscle in your body.

10kg of water in the Helios will feel a lot heavier than a 10kg dead weight at your gym.

Every exercise you do will engage your core and hit muscles you didn't know you had.

Tough enough for any workout.
Made in a factory that manufactures inflatable dinghies using the exact same methods.

Gain real core strength.

Work deep stabiliser muscles to not just look good but to be seriously strong in every movement.

Take it anywhere.

A complete gym  in your luggage that you can use at home, in the park or on holiday.

Order today!

The only piece of equipment you will need for a fit, strong and aesthetic body.

1-28kg of unstable weight that engages every muscle for a workout like no other.

Please note our current stock are at a heavily discounted price due to a misprint on the bag. Because of this, we are offering them at a fraction of the original price. These products are in limited stock and the correctly printed stock is already sold out.

They are fine other than the printing and still under our guarantee so grab a bargain while it lasts!

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